Safe Track Safe Track 

Safe Track has tracked thousands of employees and all their training. It has been used on construction sites, maintenance sites as well as in corporate offices all across the US and several international sites. This system is a valuable tool to make sure you are OSHA compliant. One of our proud moments was a call from a safety manager at one of our job sites. He had just gone through an OSHA audit. The auditor declared that he thought three workers had not had the proper training for the jobs they were performing. The safety manager said let’s check Safe Track. He pulled up each of the employees and showed the auditor the training for the three workers in question. The auditor was blown away by the system and the completeness of the tracking capabilities. Needless to say, our job site passed their OSHA audit with no issues. We are currently developing a web version of this software.



Safe Project

Safe Project

Safe Project tracks your contractors, man hours, incidents and recordables. This program has several reports including graphs, incident logs, incident summary and performance reports. You can modify the tables to create your own values for the lookup tables. This can be used at a project or corporate level. We have done both with our clients.




Construct Track

Construct Track has been used for many years to track maintenance at refineries. It has also been used on many new construction projects. This system has tracked billions of dollars for our clients. The system can track all labor, equipment, material and invoicing. It tracks activity actuals, progressing, percent complete for activities. Percent complete can be broken into any number of levels you might need. Activities can be broken down to ISO or detailed levels. Skill codes can be broken down to ten different levels and then unlimited levels within each of the ten levels. There are many reports that have been added for different clients. There are many import and export options with the system. There are several search utilities within the application. The system can also be used as a straight work order system without using the activity levels. Check out a testimonial from one of our clients.



Bond System

The Bond System tracks bonds on large construction projects. Client and Insurer payments are tracked. Invoicing procedure is automated for easy use. There are many reports to check invoicing and payment status. All the reports have the option to be exported to Excel.







This is a small application to track companies and contacts at that company. It will keep track of name, email, phone and fax for the contacts. It also has a place for a simple to do list for the company. You enter a date, comment and the user who entered the comment. You then check the item when it is completed. This can be used as is or expanded to handle your additional contact needs. We offer this software for an extremely reasonable price.




Velocity Accounting Software

Velocity is a full accounting system that is currently being used at several locations and sold nationally. It has many security levels that are incorporated into each module. Full Accounts Payable, Purchase Receipts, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, Inventory, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, etc. The system includes more reports than one can imagine. This system is being used with an Access back-end or SQL Server. This application can be and has been customized for each of our clients. One client is tied to a dispatching system. Another client has an elaborate equipment tracking module. Another has a detailed commissions module.



Driver Database

This application tracks drivers, hire date, termination date, license expiration, TWIC expiration, state license expiration, etc. The system will alert the user when a license is about to expire. All reports are email capable.





Service Reminders

This is a small application to track customers and send service reminders at determined intervals. This was originally written for a stucco inspection company to remind customers to get re-inspected at a specific time interval. This could be used for any company that needs to send out customer reminders. The system keeps track of when the service needs to be done so you don’t have to.





Insurance Certificate Application

The Insurance Certificate Application allows you to enter and print Certificates of Liability Insurance, Evidence of Property Insurance and Insurance Binders. Each of the certificates has the ability to duplicate a current certificate. Several reports exist to show any insured questions you may have. It has utilities to renew liability insurance within the application.







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