Support – Existing Software
We can help support your existing applications. If your developer has left you with an application that you do not understand, we can help. With your knowledge of your business and our ability to review the software, we can make sure you can continue to use that application. Why have a full time support staff if you only need a few hours when required.

Support – Consulting
We can help with all of your support needs. We have been consultants for over twenty years. Whatever your support need, we have probably completed that task for another client. We can help with the decision for future software whether it be with us or assisting with a package from another vendor. Take advantage of our years of experience.

Support – Assessment
We can assess your current software or solution. This can be a risk assessment as we have done for others. This way you can prioritize your applications that have the most risk exposure. This can also be an overall review as to whether the software is worth updating or if there are major issues. We have done all types of assessments for our clients.





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